Driving the positive evolution of financial advice

XY Adviser is home to thousands of advisers, sharing and learning with one another to drive the positive evolution of financial advice. Whether you’ve been advising for decades or just starting out, this dedicated space for peer to peer professional development is designed to help you improve the service you deliver to your clients.

How does XY Adviser work?

Everyday financial planners around the world post, like, comment and deep dive into different topics around financial advice.

How to engage on XY Adviser

Engage in conversation, interactive digital events, or courses


Ask intelligent questions in an environment designed specifically for other professional financial advisers to help with.


‘The best way to learn is to teach’. Commenting on posts is a way to contribute to the positive evolution of financial advice.

Digital events

Get access to live events where you can ask questions as other professionals walk through how they do things.


Get access to hundred of adviser-shared files in a searchable content Library

XY Adviser by the numbers

XY Adviser is a platform of financial advisers who want to tap into the brains trust of an entire profession


Countries with members around the world.


Total number of financial adviser members.


Total number of community shared files free to use


1 Jan 2020 is the official launch date of the dediciated online community.

XY Story

Founded in 2014 as a hobby
Four financial advisor friends began asking more successful and experienced advisors how to become better.

Hosting a full day event in 2016
After a handful of small events, XY holds its first full day event called the Modern Adviser to learn from other advisors how they do things differently.

First full time staff in 2018
The team begins to grow as we start focusing  more on the day to day sharing and learning between advisors online.

Pre-Seed raise in 2019
Allows XY to expand staffing and strategise on how to achieve the jump into a tech focused direction.

Launch XY platform and Seed raise 2020
The online community launch is successful, XY raises a second round of funds to bring on more staff and begin building out a suite of products for financial planners and the wider industry.

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