Becoming Work Ready.

By Camille Hughes of Quantium

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What you take away from this course.

Nail your Professional Year!

Learn how to get the most out of (and smash) your Professional Year. Learn the why’s, the how’s and everything in between

Develop a strong work ethic and etiquette

By understanding what is expected of you as an employee and learning the tools and strategies required for a strong work ethic, you will be on track to successfully progress as an adviser

Learn the intricacies of where you fit in your practice

Learn proven techniques around how to build valuable networks and how to conduct yourself in client and stakeholder meetings

Leverage the experience of others in the industry

Develop your own playbook on where to go and who to turn to for technical, product and general support and fast-track your career progression

1. Eight (unexpected) ways to lose your new job.

[Video - 34:47] You'll discover the fundamentals required in developing a strong work ethic and etiquette. You’ll learn how to navigate client lunches, the appropriate use of technology, correct work attire plus many other tips and work hacks

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2. Dynamics.

[Video - 33:36] You’ll learn about the intricacies of where you fit in your firm, how the Tuckman’s team theory can be properly applied to your professional journey, how to conduct yourself in front of clients and what is expected of you when meeting with varying stakeholders

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3. Expectations; personal, professional and legal (FASEA).

[Video - 53:13] Your Professional Year is a great time to leverage the experience of others in the industry, here’s where you’ll discover how to do it. You’ll also learn where to look for technical, product or general support as well as how to conduct yourself when you make a mistake

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8 (unexpected) ways to lose your new job


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Expectations; personal, professional and legal (FASEA)



Camille Hughes.

Lead Graduate Academy Consultant

Put simply, Camille Hughes loves what she does.

As a Lead Consultant and people manager, Camille has spent the last 4 years designing and building the multi-award winning graduate and internship programs for global market leading data science and AI firm, Quantium. At any one point, Camille is accountable for empowering and developing more than 120 graduates spanning 7 cities worldwide, plus 40 interns during the Australian summer.

By day, Camille focuses her strategic approach, not only making sure the graduates are having an awesome time but also ensuring they have every opportunity to be work ready and thrive successfully in business as they progress in their career.

By night, she drinks aged red wines and creates training sessions, doing research, crafting decks and synthesizing thought leading material that adds value to the lives of those who engage with her courses.

As a professional specialist in learning & development, change management and process improvement, she is an advocate for “just in time” learning where you can plug and play with whatever learning you need at the time you need it. Her passion is in developing people and helping them be their best self, whatever that may look like.


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