Clarify Lifestyle and Automate Cashflow.

By Clayton Daniel of XY Adviser


What you take away from this course.

Discover their purpose

Help your clients articulate their ideal lifestyle and create the path that will get them there

Prove your value

Learn the five bucket approach to help clients automate their cashflow and live a life they can get excited about today and in the future

Added bonus

Get a 1x hour one-on-one coaching session with Clayton to go through specifics on how to start implementing this advice immediately (valued at $250)

Added bonus

Includes the Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle audio book (valued at $40 on Audible) and digital book (valued at $25)

Step 1 – Clarify Lifestyle.

Understand the proven cashflow strategy designed to help your clients achieve something today. You’ll discover the single best question you can ask your clients to help them determine what it is they actually want in life so you can help them get there

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Step 2 – Automate Cashflow.

Learn how to correctly split up your client’s inflows and outflows using the Five Bucket method. You’ll deep dive into what each bucket represents, which types of costs can be detrimental to a client’s cashflow strategy and how to successfully manage it

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Step 3 – Implementation.

A step by step overview around how to successfully implement your clients cashflow strategy

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Step 4 – Calculator.

Learn how to correctly use the Five Bucket Calculator with a detailed explanation and example of each section. You’ll have the freedom to tailor the excel sheet to suit your business’ brand and client requirements

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Step 5 – Advice Letter.

When giving cashflow advice, you’ll need to provide clients with an Advice Letter. In this lesson you’ll see what an adequate advice letter should look like and be provided with a template you can make your own. No need to re-invent the wheel on this one

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Step 6 – Setting up Bank Accounts (Bonus Video).

In this video you’ll learn the exact process Clayton used with his clients to implement their cashflow strategies and set up their new bank accounts. Clayton runs through the products he used, highlights any possible issues you should look out for and how to overcome them if they occur

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Step 7 – Accountability (Bonus Video).

You’ve implemented everything in the strategy and for the first time your client has experienced what life is like ‘in the system’. You’ll learn how to closely monitor your clients and become their trusted adviser during this often difficult transitional period

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Course downloads.

PDF Book

Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle ($25 value)


Excel Calculator

Five Bucket Calculator


Advice Template

Advice Letter



Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle ($40 value)



Clayton Daniel.

Co-Founder of XY Adviser | Author of Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle

Clayton is a personal expert specialising in cognitive minimalism – the belief that outsourcing the greatest stresses in life such as money to technology and automation, result in better performance across every other area of life.

With the passion to simplify money, and the ability to implement unique service offerings in his own business, Clayton created a unique financial planning service to take on the salary of clients, pay their bills, and ensure there was money to go travelling with each year – while simultaneously building an asset base for later in life. What he didn’t expect to find was the less interaction people had with their money, the better they were doing in every other part of their personal and professional lives.

Clients began getting promotions, doing better in their personal lives, winning industry-wide awards, going on more vacations, and still building a larger asset base. In many ways, over the course of twelve months, these clients began living a far more ideal version of their life.

With these results, Clayton directed his research to decision fatigue and the cumulative effect incessant choices can have. This light bulb moment was the catalyst for the FYIL book, as Clayton realised through taking away his client’s burden of having to think about money, he had stumbled upon not just a better way to manage a regular salary, but to manage modern day life.

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