Grow Your Pipeline With Referrals.

By Dean Mannix of SalesITV

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What you take away from this course.

Gain a strategic advantage

Develop a tailored approach to understanding where referrals fit into your sales growth strategy

Confidently ask for referrals

Learn 18 tried and tested strategies on the referral request continuum that you can implement today

Be efficient, be optimal

Learn how to prioritise your efforts across multiple facets of your business to generate the most growth

Embody a referral mindset

Develop a solid referral process and create a permanent mindset shift in how you perceive and ask for referrals

1. The referral mindset.

[Video 16:18] You’ll unpack the elements that make up a referral mindset. You’ll learn how to create a solid referral process and answer some thought provoking questions to evaluate the current state of your referral mindset

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2. Referral techniques Pt 1.

[Video - 10:08] You’ll re-cap on why actively asking for referrals is essential for business growth. You’ll then dive into six proven soft touch strategies (with email and phone scripts included) to help you successfully ask for referrals at varying times in the client journey

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3. Growing your business with referrals.

[Video - 14:18] How much time should you be spending on generating referrals? How referrable are you right now? You’ll explore the different levels of business growth and how you should prioritise your efforts regarding retention, generating referrals and cross selling

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4. Referral techniques Pt 2.

[Video - 10:20] You’ll learn several more direct and targeted referral strategies, complete with demonstrated scripts and templates. You’ll also become an expert at knowing the best time to ask for referrals in the client journey

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5. Motivating referral partners.

[Video - 16:13] No matter how big your referral reward, people aren’t going to refer you until they truly understand and believe you can help their clients, so how do you do this? Discover the types of referral motivators and learn different strategies for motivating referral partners

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6. Referral techniques Pt 3.

[Video - 10:34] In this final lesson, you’ll learn six more strategies further down the direct or hard referral request continuum. You'll also learn how to make your existing clients and others part of your business development team to attract quality referrals

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Grow Pipeline With Referrals


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Dean Mannix.

Co-Founder & CEO
SalesITV & SalesROI

Dean Mannix is the international best-selling author of Protect and Provide – Customer-centric (and compliant) Life Insurance Sales. He has over 20 years’ experience consulting in Financial Services on how to ethically, efficiently and effectively sell financial products in a manner that creates great customer outcomes. This includes projects in over 25 countries with clients including AMP, TAL, Clearview, MLC, Commbank, Suncorp, Goldman Sachs and many more.

Projects include building end to end induction programs, developing ethical engagement strategies for call centre and face to face finance professionals, developing quality assurance and coaching templates, tools and strategies for ensuring both compliance AND great customer experiences could be achieved, developing outbound customer education strategies in limited and general advice environments and consulting to senior executives on developing customer-centric and ethical sales culture.

Dean holds a Bachelor of Laws from QUT and an Executive MBA from the AGSM and is also a qualified Yoga teacher.


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