How to be a Financial Coach and not just an Adviser.

By Wealth Enhancers


What you take away from this course.

Understand the Millennial Generation

Get a deep understanding of this generation from Australia’s most experienced advice firm for millennials

Master the goal setting formula

Build strong coaching relationships with a goal setting formula guaranteed to give your clients that A-HA moment

Build a trusted relationship

Use proven communication strategies to gain client’s trust and help them smash their goals

Harness the power of feedback

Improve on your skills as a financial coach and deliver an amazing coaching experience every time

1. Why becoming a Financial Coach is essential.

In this lesson you will get a thorough understanding of WHO millennials are and the key differences and challenges advisers need to be aware of when giving them advice

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2. How to be the best Financial Coach.

In this lesson you’ll discover the foundations to building an amazing coaching relationship with millennial clients and learn how to develop a goal setting formula guaranteed to give your clients that A-HA moment

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3. Build a coaching #relationship.

In this lesson you’ll learn how to ask the right questions and use strategic communication strategies to not only gain your client’s trust but help them smash their financial and life goals

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4. The power of #feedback.

In this lesson you’ll learn how to harness the power of feedback to improve on your skills as a financial coach and deliver an amazing financial coaching experience every time

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5. Bonus videos.

Watch bonus training material from Wealth Enhancers; Australia's most experienced advice firm for millennials

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Bonus Webinar

How to capture the millennial market and build a profitable advice business


Bonus Video 1

A member’s a-ha moment


Bonus Video 2

A stellar set of questions


Bonus Video 3

The power of silence


Bonus Video Interview

How Millennials will change the workplace



Rebecca Walker.

Gladiator & Financial Coach
Wealth Enhancers

Positive, passionate and determined, Rebecca Walker is one of Wealth Enhancers financial coaches and financial freedom fighters. She began her career in the finance industry in 2013 prior to joining Wealth Enhancers working in a banking environment, where she gained experience providing financial advice to a wide range of people with different goals and dreams. Time and time again she came across people who had to compromise on what they wanted to do in retirement because they just didn’t have enough money. This experience in the industry sparked an enthusiasm in Rebecca to make a real difference in people’s lives by enabling them to become financially free and live the best version of their lives they can.

She realised the importance of receiving advice early on, and she didn’t want to see her generation in the same boat. When she came across Wealth Enhancers and their mission to make their generation the most financially free generation in history, she just knew she had to be a part of that!

Now, she works on making this vision a reality together with her fellow WE financial coaches, providing financial advice aligned with the goals, values and lifestyles unique to this generation and helping high-achieving Millennials build and manage their wealth through a combination of expert financial advice, coaching and accountability, and a thriving community of tall poppies.

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