How XY Advisers Can Get Into Estate Planning.

By Donal Griffin of Legacy Law

What you take away from this course.

Personal affairs

Confidence to be more involved in a client’s important personal affairs, whether it be estate planning, family law or property issues

Strategies & techniques

Learn strategies and techniques to effectively bring up the topic of estate planning with clients and their families

Become the trusted Adviser

The ability to become the “trusted adviser” to a family and also to those higher up and lower down the family tree

Engaging with lawyers

An understanding as to when best to engage lawyers who will improve the clients situation

1. The Why – Getting Into & Owning Estate Planning.

In this module we will explore the legal landscape around estate planning and how it affects your clients. By broadening your role within your client’s affairs you can ensure you become the trusted adviser to your client and to their family on different levels of the family tree.

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2. The When – Identifying a Trigger.

In this module you will learn how ‘small talk’ about family can reveal a trigger. By having the ability to recognise a trigger you will be able to use your new skills to introduce the estate planning conversation with your clients and manage any conflicts of interest that arise within the family.

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3. The How – Owning the Conversation.

In this module you’ll learn how to adapt your value proposition to suit different levels of the family tree such as the parents and the next generation. In doing so you will also learn how to be remunerated for the work you do and how to use your scope of work and disclaimers to protect yourself

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4. Bringing it all Together.

In this module you will learn how to stand out from the competition by becoming motivated to act to start the important conversations. You will also discover how to get involved in choosing the legal advisers you will have to work with during the estate planning process

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Donal Griffin.

Lawyer and Principal
Legacy Law

Donal Griffin is a qualified lawyer and ‘recovering’ financial adviser with over 20 years experience helping clients with personal and business matters. After hanging up his financial adviser hat and returning back to the law, Donal now specialises in Estate Planning and has a real knack for being able to simplify complex legal arrangements for his clients.

Donal understands the immense value advisers can provide to their clients by starting the ‘tricky’ conversations around estate planning and he is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to ‘owning’ that conversation. He is incredibly passionate about helping people navigate the complexities of life and no, we didn’t forget the ‘d’ at the end of his name.

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