The SalesROI Methodology.

By Dean Mannix of SalesITV

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What you take away from this course.

Implement a proven process

Learn the techniques designed to help you get the most out of every selling situation

Build credibility

Learn how to focus on building rapport, making the client feel confident in your expertise


Understand which activities generate the best return and prioritise accordingly

Feel confident

Gain a new level of confidence in being remunerated for providing great solutions to client problems

1. Philosophies of sales success.

[Video - 8:37] The only way to make sales easier is by becoming better. You’ll learn why not all sales philosophies are created equal and the value of having a clearly defined process. Take time to reflect on your current sales process with a practical activity you can do with your team or on your own.

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2. The power of process.

[Video - 6:36] In this lesson you’ll walk through the ROI sales process and discover the importance of productivity. You’ll understand what the top sales performers do differently and how they stand out in a highly competitive market

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3. Influence through understanding.

[Video - 7:43] You’ll learn how to use ethical influence strategies to create credible reasons to engage with existing, cold or prospective clients. Learn how to avoid the ‘big mistake’ and articulate when a customer or client IS ready to buy

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4. Creating solution preference.

[Video - 11:22] You’ll learn about the most important step in the SalesROI methodology - how to actively listen and understand your client BEFORE making your sales pitch. You’ll also discover what the biggest killer of productivity is for a salesperson and how to avoid it

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5. Converting interest to action.

[Video - 15:41] You’ll learn about the last four steps of the ROI sales process and bring the entire methodology together. You’ll discover which types of strategies are more ethically persuasive when offering your solution and best practices after closing a sale

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Dean Mannix.

Co-Founder & CEO
SalesITV & SalesROI

Dean Mannix is the international best-selling author of Protect and Provide – Customer-centric (and compliant) Life Insurance Sales. He has over 20 years’ experience consulting in Financial Services on how to ethically, efficiently and effectively sell financial products in a manner that creates great customer outcomes. This includes projects in over 25 countries with clients including AMP, TAL, Clearview, MLC, Commbank, Suncorp, Goldman Sachs and many more.

Projects include building end to end induction programs, developing ethical engagement strategies for call centre and face to face finance professionals, developing quality assurance and coaching templates, tools and strategies for ensuring both compliance AND great customer experiences could be achieved, developing outbound customer education strategies in limited and general advice environments and consulting to senior executives on developing customer-centric and ethical sales culture.

Dean holds a Bachelor of Laws from QUT and an Executive MBA from the AGSM and is also a qualified Yoga teacher.


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