Becoming a Modern Adviser.

By XY Adviser

What you take away from this course.

Optimise Your Service Solution

Learn strategies and concepts to optimise your service offering and engage like a boss

Investment Advice

Successfully incorporate investment advice into your business model

Systemise and Automate

Leverage technology to systemise and benefit your business operations

Marketing Strategies

Use the power of social media and strategic marketing to grow and scale your business

1. Plan – How to Create a Compelling Advice Service Solution.

In this module you will learn how to optimise your service offering to your target clients by understanding their needs and systemising your advice process to successfully add value and scale your business

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2. Produce – Investing Like a Boss (of an Awesome Business).

This module is designed to provide you with a thoughtful breakdown of how investing in your investment advice can help create a stronger business model

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3. Produce Pt 2 – Create an Engaging, Efficient, Scalable, Leveraged and Profitable Advice Solution.

In this lesson you will learn how to implement different technologies into your advice business and systemise your operations

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4. Profit – Maximise Business Growth and Maintain Profitable and Sustainable Business Operations.

In this module you will learn how to maximise business growth through effective client attraction and partnership strategies while maintaining profitable and sustainable business operations

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Ben Nash, Clayton Daniel, Adrian Patty, Ray Jaramis.

Co-Founders and Millennial Advisers
XY Adviser

XY Adviser began in 2014 when four millennial financial advisers got together and started asking how they could leverage the experience and guidance of other professionals and mentors in their industry to serve their clients in the best possible way.

Today, XY Adviser is a strong community of 2,600 + financial enthusiasts who are collectively driving the positive evolution of Financial Advice.

Ben, Clayton, Adrian and Ray are the co-founders of XY Adviser and through the XY community over the last four years have benefited from the insights of the best in the business. With their joint experiences both as employed and self-employed advisers as well as experience in the fintech startup world, they are a group of enthusiastic money nerds with proven ideas and strategies to help you nail your service offering, optimise your daily operations and grow your business.