Client Service Officer with Growth Into Practice Manager

Client Service Officer with Growth Into Practice Manager

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Loop Closer, System Builder, Master of Organisation, Founder Wrangler, Godzilla of Getting Stuff Done!

We are recruiting on behalf of a Financial Services firm located in Melbourne CBD, so just for clarity, the job won't be with us (The Social Adviser). This is a young and fast growing, high service Financial Planning Business.

The real info you need is that the Business Owner is a hard-working Director/Financial Planner that needs someone that he likes and trusts to work alongside him and his team to serve the fantastic client base of the business. There will be significant client contact and responsibility for coordination of the business, the business systems and the director himself.

This role would ideally suit someone with experience working in a CSO role within a Financial Planning Business, who is looking for a growth opportunity and the chance to develop into the practice manager of the firm.

We believe in being honest and whilst the Director, like all of us, is not perfect he does really care about his family, his team and his clients. He wants someone to help free him to work on the business and to spend more time in front of clients. This is a ground floor opportunity to help create systems and processes and to be instrumental in shaping the potential of this business as it grows.

No one actually wants to say it like it is, talk like humans and be straight up with each other. Well… we don’t have the time to waste on following outdated hiring and recruitment protocols and we figure that as someone obsessed with efficiency and getting stuff done, you don’t either!

If you are the kind of person that likes counting down the hours until you finish work, or you're just waiting around for the weekend, then DON’T read any further (but feel free to apply for some of those other positions where you can be a robot and do what you are told).

This is your chance to be part of something amazing and to put your stamp on working as part of a team where making a difference for others comes first and what we get out of it comes as a bonus.

Who you are;

• You are organized, stapler slinging, you love getting things done right, and figuring out better systems keeps you up at night. You don’t need direction to organise, it is in your blood.

• While you are obsessed with efficiency you are also not afraid to go out on a limb and make a few mistakes to figure out how to do things better.

• What drives you even more than efficiency is making sure that things get finished, that loops get closed, especially when you are not the one responsible for a task completion.

• You have no problems with the fact that your friends make jokes about you because you correct their grammar and spelling.

• You have no qualms about and need no permission to 1) Nag your boss or colleagues (in the pursuit of efficiency or loop closing). 2) Suggest new systems or processes for things other people don’t see as needing improvement. 3) Play devil's advocate openly when your organisational spider sense is ringing alarm bells.

• If you don’t know something, instead of spending time inefficiently worrying, you create a structured plan to find the answer and then you follow it (because you know you can work out how to do anything if you decide to).

• Sometimes people may find you unemotional (but you know your spreadsheet or checklist, tells people exactly how you feel). Besides, you have already passed the point in your life where you have learned that investing a little in the soft and fluffy areas of collaboration and empathy is actually about efficiency ;-).

• You have no problems working with a visionary leader; who wants to do too much at once and who seems disorganised to you. In fact, while you may pretend to be frustrated at times, you also recognise the opportunity to challenge your need to organise and make things happen and it will be your pleasure to help turn vision into reality.

• You are experienced in our field, and the kind of person you are means you are going to figure things out quickly.


Our Mission

We are a relatively young Advice Practice, but we have made big strides in a short amount of time and want to get the right person to take our business forward.

We are focused on building a new type of financial planning business that doesn't just focus on money, but the real reason people need advice and what it can do for them and the people in their lives.

Our role is to find new and creative ways to help our clients remove fear so they can live an extraordinary life.

The business has a foundation in traditional financial planning, however is also on the frontline of innovation in a big way.

We are looking for someone with 3 years financial planning or adjacent experience, although don’t let time frames stop you from getting in touch if you’re a little short of the 3 year mark. It is essential that you have the confidence to work alone and the certainty to trust in other members of the team, and the ability to delegate, figure things out and make sure things get taken all the way to full completion. We can’t stress this enough.

For the right person, experience will help you understand the background of the business and what goes on, but your real expertise on understanding the people and processes in the business will be at the forefront of your responsibilities.


Everyday duties of your role will include;

• A strong sense of compassion (even for less organised people i.e. everyone else).

• Attention to detail whilst still having an understanding of time management. (You know that perfection can be the opposite of efficiency; even if you are determined to have both. Iteration is everything).

• Liaising with existing and prospective clients to manage queries.

• Basic data entry and collection of data from clients and external providers, with the intent of making a better and more efficient system.

• Being responsible for client outcomes.

• Implementation of advice recommendations, including lodging new applications and liaising with external super funds and insurance providers.

• Providing a clear line of communication with clients throughout the implementation process.

• Preparing review packs and ensuring client information is up to date.

• Adhering to and monitoring compliance regulations.

• Working with other team members cohesively to complete any other tasks as required, as well as being responsible for managing the tasks involved in the process, yours or not.

• Working with the founder to find ways to turn his vision into reality and to free him to do the things he is best at.

• Taking over the project management of strategic tasks, reporting and other higher level operational details.

Ultimately, the goal here is to recruit someone who will grow with the business, help recruit & onboard new team members, supervise systems they have created and run the major projects and operations of the business. This is a ground floor opportunity for the right person.

However, this is not the role for someone who needs to be told how to make things better, this is instead a business for an organiser to shape.

So congrats if you have read through to this point and you have a smile on your face because you know this ad was written just for you.