May 23, 2019

#131 Nick Lennox

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Modern Advisers don’t use videos to sell their services, they use videos to highlight the feeling and emotion their services evoke. They use videos to build trust, and it’s working.

Nick Lennox is the creative brain behind Udeo video and media. He works closely with Advisers helping them generate high quality content, convey their message and showcase their unique point of difference.

Episode highlights:

10:05 – Why being in front of the camera can help you understand your why

12:55 – The power of client testimonial videos

15:45 – The most effective Adviser videos you’ve seen

25:10 – How to get comfortable in front of the camera

27:13 – How to repurpose and leverage client testimonial videos

31:00 – The mere exposure effect to build trust and credibility before a first meeting

Show Notes:

Nick Lennox LinkedIn –

Udeo Video & Media –

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