April 13, 2022

Delivering Cost-Effective Advice with an Entrepreneurial Mindset #1


Delivering Cost-Effective Advice with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

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In this episode we start high-level as we discuss the evolving advice landscape, and how the difference between “thriving” or “surviving” is in the mental flexibility to see things with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Adele Martin
Certified Financial Planner, Managing Director of Firefly Wealth and Founder of My Money Buddy
Adele Martin XY
Adele Martin Website

Vince Scully
Financial Adviser, Author, Founder and Chief Sherpa at LifeSherpa
Vince Scully LinkedIn
LifeSherpa Website

Nicola Beswick
Senior Financial Adviser and Confidante at FMD Financial
Nicola Beswick LinkedIn
Pro Bono Advice Network
Nicola Beswick Website

Greg Newman
Head of Retail Distribution at HUB24
Greg Newman LinkedIn
HUB24 Website

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