February 15, 2018

#68 Adele Martin

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If marketing, public relations and social media were like Kung-Fu, Adele Martin is definitely your Bruce Lee. She’s the Money Mentor, financial adviser and keynote speaker who has nailed the one-to-many market and continues to use her trusted personal brand to grow and scale her advice business, and boy is it growing.

She’s a big believer in a sharing economy and is full of tested ideas and strategies that will help you build trusted relationships with your clients, position yourself as a leader in the industry and increase your bottom line.

Of the many nuggets of wisdom shared in this podcast (and there’s so many), here’s our standouts:

  • The single piece of advice Adele would give to anyone starting out as an adviser
  • Adele’s proven strategy to work ‘on’ your business rather than just ‘in’ it
  • How to commercialise a Facebook Group and build a trusted community
  • How to kick start your marketing, PR and social media plan
  • How Adele’s virtual office has allowed her to leverage the amazing skills of people she would never find in Newcastle

Let’s be honest, a 45-minute podcast is just not enough, so we’ll have Adele front and centre at our event next week in Sydney for a ‘warts ‘n all’ discussion around using digital media to scale your business and master your client value proposition. This event is a must for employed, aspiring and self-employed advisers. If you can’t attend the event in person, be sure to tune into the Facebook Live on Thursday 22nd Feb at 6:30pm.

Get your last minute tickets here – https://bit.ly/2DdD4tJ


A big thank you to our major partner Zurich and to SunSuper for the continued support.

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