May 29, 2018

#74 Neil Rogan

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Neil Rogan



Neil Rogan ( of Centuria ( is the guy turning investment bond jargon into terminology that advisers can easily understand and use with their clients. Thanks to the XY community for throwing up the investment bond discussion on several occasions; you asked and we listened.

This podcast explores the ins and outs of investment bonds – what they are and where they sit in the investment world, when you should consider an investment bond for your client, key features to look for in a bond, the estate planning advantages of investment bonds and the implications faced (or not faced) with legislative changes compared to superannuation.

Neil Rogan is in the business of equipping advisers with relevant tools to help them make informed decisions when looking at investment bonds for their clients.

A big thank you to our major partner Zurich ( and also Sunsuper ( for the continued support.

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