June 28, 2018

#87 Natasha Hawker

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Advisers don’t start a financial planning business purely to take on and manage employees. But growth often requires more people, so how do you master the hiring, managing and firing of staff within your business? Enter Natasha Hawker (@NatashaHawker) of Employee Matters (https://www.employeematters.com.au/)

The proof that Natasha is a HR guru is seen in the sheer number of topics she covers in this in-depth discussion with Clayton, Ben and special guest host Dean Holmes. The fact that she’s hired, managed and fired over 15,000 people in her career is another indication of her expert status when it comes to attracting the best staff and maintaining employee longevity.

Natasha explains why there’s been a shift in the hiring market, how to nail the interview process and hire great talent, how to set new employees up for success, legal responsibilities that employers may not even be aware of and much, MUCH more.


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