#374 Andrew Rocks – Transcript

Andrew the Head of Partnership and Business Development at Virtual Business Partners, and Chairperson at Ensombl. He and Clayton talk about his upcoming Engine Room podcast, which will focus on the key decision makers inside successful advice practices.

Strategies to Facilitate Intergenerational Wealth Transfers #4 – Transcript

Grant is the CEO and Managing Director at Generation Life, and Felipe is General Manager Sales, Marketing and Operations at Generation Life. Vince sits down with Grant and Felipe to discuss the tax arbitrage of investment bonds and estate planning, dealing with negative press around investments, as well as annuities.

#373 Phil Thompson – Transcript

Phil is the Financial Adviser and Founder at Skye Wealth. He joins Ben to discuss the challenges of rolling out an insurance-only solution, and the steps he’s taken to build and strengthen his team.

AdviceTech Podcast #19 – iComply2 – Transcript

In this episode, Peita chats with Anthony Lyon, Founder at iComply2. They talk through the suite of integrated apps, and how they can be used to simplify the advice process and maintain compliance.