6 MAR 2023 – Monday Market Highlights – Transcript

This week we cover lower than expected US Durable Goods Orders, US PMI data, European Core Inflation data, Australian Fourth Quarter GDP and Retail Sales data, the slowdown in buyer consumption, and climbing inventory.

AdviceTech Podcast #24 – Asendium – Transcript

In this episode, Peita talks to Scott Miller, CEO and Co-Founder at Asendium. They cover the features of the Asendium software, and discuss how it can be used to streamline the advice process through eliminating manual data entry.

#382 Chris Dale – Transcript

Chris is the Founder and Managing Director at MarketingHQ. He joins Clayton to chat about the importance of your personal brand and vision, and what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to financial planning marketing.

#381 Ryan King – Transcript

Ryan is Director and a Financial Planning Consultant at Three Kings Wealth Management. He talks to Ben about the impact social media has had on his business, the psychology of financial advice and the impact mindset has on money.

#380 Emily Jenkins – Transcript

Emily is a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Ensombl. She and Clayton discuss the importance of acquiring customer feedback to enhance your client experience, and how the All Licensee PD Day is evolving to meet adviser demand for efficient CPD.

#379 Daniel Testa – Transcript

Daniel is a Senior Adviser at Tribeca Financial. He and Ben talk about his focus on financial well-being and mental health through the advice process.

AdviceTech Podcast #22 – Fin365 – Transcript

This week, Peita talks to Stephen Handley, Founder and CEO at Fin365. They take a look at the Fin365 platform, which aims to automate the flow of data management in the advice process through unlocking the power of Microsoft 365.