Deeper Client Relationships at Scale #5 – Karolina Kuszyk – Transcript

In the last installment of this series, Fraser talks to Karolina Kuszyk, the National Business Development Manager at myprosperity. Karolina belives that there’s a lot of room to make advice more affordable for the average Australian, and she and Fraser reflect on the key issues discussed throughout the series.

Deeper Client Relationships at Scale #4 – Caren Hendrie – Transcript

Caren is the Owner and Business Adviser at The Hendrie Group and The Business Growth Group, where she advises other accounting, financial planning and bookkeeping practices on how to grow and scale their business. She highlights the three most important factors in scale: systems, communication and technology.

Deeper Client Relationships at Scale #3 – Andy Fenton – Transcript

Andy is the Managing Director at Fenton Financial, who specialise in financial services for business owners and professionals. Andy fundamentally believes that “if you really want to make your wealth work for you, then you have to take some level of responsibility for the journey”, and that you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Deeper Client Relationships at Scale #1 – Conrad Francis – Transcript

Conrad is the Director and an Authorised Representative at Inspired Money. As a basketball coach, Conrad sees a lot of similarities between coaching a sports team and being a money coach. He explains that accountability plus empowerment equals high performance, an attitude that he applies to both his basketball team and his financial clients.

Changing Landscape of Retirement #8 – Rachel Lane – Transcript

“Rachel is the Principal at Aged Care Gurus and Co Author of “”Aged Care, Who Cares?””

She chats with Fraser about the present state of the Aged Care industry, how it’s not sustainable in its current iteration, and the results and developments of the Aged Care Royal Commission.”

Changing Landscape of Retirement #6 – Sheena Stow-Smith – Transcript

Sheena is the Managing Director at AdviceLink – a service which communicates with Centrelink on behalf of advisers and their clients. Sheena talks about the services AdviceLink provides, the main being to navigate Centrelink’s complex systems and processes, finding out what payments clients are entitled to, as well as avoiding overpayment and the potential for “Robodebt”.