#388 Chris Bates and Craig Bigelow – Transcript

In this week’s episode, James sits down with Chris and Craig, who are both Mortgage Brokers at Wealthful. They discuss the transition from financial planning to mortgage broking, the biggest property deal-breakers, and where the Australian property market is headed in the future.

#387 James Whelan – Transcript

James is an Investment Manager at VFS Group. He and Ben talk about the Silicon Valley bank collapse, the impacts it will have on the market and the opportunities that arise from these circumstances.

AdviceTech Podcast #26 – Oxford Risk – Transcript

This week, Peita is joined by Dr. Greg Davies and Bianca Kent from Oxford Risk. They take a look at Oxford Risk’s behavioural finance software and how it can be utilised to thoroughly assess your client’s investment portfolios and narrow decision-making.

#386 Lucian Russ – Transcript

Lucian is a Financial Planner and sole Director of Emu Wealth. He and James talk about his journey into advice, how he set up a business from scratch, and how he settled on his ideal client base.

#385 Rachel O’Connor – Transcript

Rachel is the Founder and Principal Advisor at Flourix Wealth. She returns to the Ensombl Podcast to chat with Ben about where she’s at now with her business, and how she balances a growing practice with a young family.

AdviceTech Podcast #25 – OpenInvest – Transcript

In this episode, Peita sits down with Ravi Verma, Head of Distribution at OpenInvest. They discuss where OpenInvest fits in the advice tech space, and how the platform creates investment advice solutions for both the end investor and partner firms.

#384 Barry LaValley – Transcript

Barry is an author and financial educator, and Principal at BarryLaValley.com. He and James discuss the transition into retirement, and the advisor’s role as a coach to usher in this change.

#383 David Rae – Transcript

David is a Certified Responsible Investment Adviser, and a Financial Adviser at Ethinvest. He and Ben discuss impact investing and how it differs from ethical investing, and what’s moving forward for ethical investing in Australia.