Baz Gardner – Digitising your client experience (Part 2)

Baz Gardner

Baz Gardner – Digitising your client experience (Part 2)

This session is part two with Baz Gardner who joins us live to dive into ‘Digitising Your Client Experience’.

Bringing new clients into your business is really at the heart of everything you do. If you’re not consistently onboarding new clients into your advice process, how can you deliver any value and grow your business? It’s so important to make sure this process isn’t just engaging, resonant and consistent. You need to be leveraging technology to elevate every element of this process. In these sessions, Baz is going to help you map out your client engagement process and take you through you the seven steps to making sure every single element of human psychology, resonance and connection is immersed in your client engagement process while removing cognitive dissonance.

Those who have gone through Baz’s process have halved their time for new clients to engage, they’ve reduced fee pressures and increased referrals. This process will save you time, and make your business infinitely more efficient.

4 months ago