Conaill Keniry – Video 101 – A Crash Course in Video

Conaill Keniry

Conaill Keniry – Video 101 – A Crash Course in Video

Got all the gear but no idea? Or maybe you just don’t know where to even start when it comes to creating, editing and publishing engaging videos. No matter how strong (or lack thereof) your video game is, we’ve got your back.

Actually we don’t, Conaill Keniry does. We’re going live on Thursday 9th with Conaill – XY Adviser and video expert – for a crash course in Video; including gear, software, outsourcing, tools & and a bunch of other tips. Conaill has spent far more time than he probably cares to think about experimenting, testing and failing forward with video but the pain has certainly been worth the gain.

You can check out some cracking videos of his via his YouTube Channel – What If Advice.

We’re pretty sure you’ll want to mark this session in your calendars to jump on live!

8 months ago