Steve Salvia – The client conversion masterclass.

Steve Salvia

Steve Salvia – The client conversion masterclass.

The 9 Step Conversion Conversation process is the secret Blackwing weapon behind improving client conversions (dramatically) and structuring the ideal client engagement meeting.

To say it’s been an absolute ‘game changer’ is an understatement.

It has helped Blackwing clients over the years in:

Knowing exactly how to take a LEADERSHIP role
Open up the space for prospects to confide in you and tell you their inner-most problems… and most importantly,
Gets you Hired – up-front, so that you are paid like a professional. There’s a great quote from the Chandler Sales Institute that says….

“If you don’t have a system for selling, you’ll be at the mercy of your prospects system for buying…!”

No matter how good you are at attracting or engaging new people to talk to… Conversions are the absolute key.

This session is will be like a ‘masterclass’ on each of the 9 conversion steps. Each step has a specific purpose or ‘intent’. And when you know the thinking behind each one of the steps… it makes your conversions and sales more natural and takes all the weirdness and ‘ickyness’ out of your conversion meetings. If you want to make your sales and conversion meetings classy, smooth and predictable… join
us live for this interactive web event.

9 months ago