Tim Henry – Igniting your clients passions and dreams

Tim Henry

Tim Henry – Igniting your clients passions and dreams

Tim Henry is a fantastic example of what it means to be an XY Adviser. I was keen to invite Tim on as a guest to give us a generous serving of that good old ‘peer-to-peer learning’ so many of us have come to really enjoy.

In this session, Tim is going to walk us through the“life element” of what he does in his business – Aspire – it’s your life.

Between his ‘Dream Catcher’ and ‘Full Time Lives’ programs and the most recent addition having just launched his ‘The Grass is Greener Podcast’, Tim is keen to share his take on:

  • the benefit to the advice & relationship when its coupled with these rich life goals
  • the ability for advisers to collaborate with people and businesses outside the Financial Services industry to add value to clients

Pop this one in your calendar, and we’ll see you live!

5 months ago