Brisbane – Topic: Revenue

Ben Neilson, Cara Brett and Michael Khouri 
Ben Neilson, Cara Brett and Michael Khouri 

Brisbane – Topic: Revenue

Pirate metrics are a way to group together parts of the advice process. These are:

Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referrals – “AAARRR”. Make sure you say it like a pirate, AAARRR.

This ‘pirate metrics’ framework is very popular amongst growth centred companies. At XY, we’ve repurposed this framework for the advice process and believe it is the clearest way for advisers to view and improve their business performance.

In this session, we focused on Revenue – delivering your upfront advice. Once you’ve activated someone, once they have signed on to work with you, the revenue stage is where a new client swaps out some of their money for your services. So how are you getting the work done? What are you charging for and how are you making sure it’s profitable?

Thank you to our Brisbane panel who shared how they are delivering their advice efficiently, remaining profitable and why the adviser’s superpower is giving clients ‘peace of mind’:

Ben Neilson – Founder & Adviser at Neilson & Co. Wealth Management

Ben’s XY Profile 

Cara Brett – Founder & Adviser at Bounce Financial

Cara’s XY Profile 

Michael Khouri – Founder & Adviser at Better Financial Planning

Michael’s XY Profile


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