Perth – Topic: Acquisition

Ben Nash, Amy Jacobsen, and Simon Bowen
Ben Nash, Amy Jacobsen, and Simon Bowen

Perth – Topic: Acquisition

Pirate metrics are a way to group together parts of the advice process. These are:

Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referrals – “AAARRR”. Make sure you say it like a pirate, AAARRR.

This ‘pirate metrics’ framework is very popular amongst growth centred companies. At XY, we’ve repurposed this framework for the advice process and believe it is the clearest way for advisers to view and improve their business performance.

In this session, we focused on Acquisition – getting new potential clients to reach out. This is where you take someone from being interested in you, to wanting to explore working with you. You win over their hearts and minds. You gain their confidence in you.

Thank you to our Perth panel of ‘Acquisition’ experts who helped us unpack the acquisition ‘triangle’.

Hats off to our panelists:

Ben Nash – Founder at Pivot Wealth
Ben’s XY Profile
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Amy Jacobson – Founder at Finding Your Y (Emotional Intelligence & Human Behaviour Expert)
Amy’s LinkedIn
Amy’s new book
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Simon Bowen – Founder at The Models Method (Visual Models Expert)
Simon’s LinkedIn
A gift from Simon – His ‘Bell-Curve Premium-Price Positioning Model’
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